about us

We are all wanting love. We all have difficult times that we must go through. It is how you treat yourself during tough times that really matterS. 


Through yoga I have found my truth, my passion, my calling and my voice. Through the power of my breath and the connection with my body, I have found a love for myself that did not previously exist. I have found my beauty, my purpose and my grace.


If you would have told me 13 years ago that attending my first Power Vinyasa class would lead me HERE, I would have thought you were crazy. But after that class was over, everything had changed. The movements at first felt a bit foreign in my body. Like an old friend I had lost contact with and almost erased from my memory. At many points during that first class I wondered if I was just sweating, or crying so hard that my sounds were in audible, even to me. But what came from that first class was a slight shift that completely changed the trajectory of my life.

Although I had been doing yoga off and on for almost 30 years, I don’t think I was really ready to embrace what yoga had in store for me until that first Power Vinyasa class. And it was the power of that first class that led me to sign up for a Baron Baptiste 40-day Transformation. The yoga practice and meditation that this program instilled allowed me to reach parts of myself that I had never truly seen before, and to live from a place of possibility, not fear. By the end of the transformation I knew that living my truth meant teaching yoga. I left a 17-year career in High Tech Marketing to follow my passion, and follow my heart – and in the process met the love of my life! I now get to share my passion for yoga, teaching, travel and chanting with my partner and soulmate. I feel so blessed and so grateful for that first Power Vinyasa class!

Teaching has become such a beautiful gift in my life. I long to share this gift with others - to teach and inspire through a combination of yoga, chanting, and holistic nutrition - and to witness my students be moved by yoga, somehow becoming a part of that experience with them.  My classes are challenging, yet I encourage you to listen to your body and do what serves you on your mat. I believe that the physical practice of yoga is always there, it’s the internal work that is the real challenge. By working in the flow with our body and reaching for our edge we explore ourselves and discover our limitless potential – this is where the real transformation of yoga begins.

I have been blessed to witness the transformational power of yoga in studios and festivals throughout Northern California that I have been honored to teach at, as well as yoga retreats I have led to Bali, Cost Rica, Mexico, and Thailand. I am a Yoga Alliance Certified teacher and have completed teacher trainings with Baron Baptiste, Janet Stone, and Johnny Kest. I have studied Kirtan with Jai Uttal and Girish.

In additional to yoga, I am a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Health Coach with an emphasis in emotional eating. As a Holistic Health Coach my focus is on mindfulness, compassion and self-acceptance. I support my clients to develop an inner awareness and provide the tools that empower them to discover what truly feeds them with a combination of whole food, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga. 

“Jump and the net will appear.”


I can still remember my first real yoga class. It was a day that changed my entire life. I had been lifting heavy weights at the gym for many years and was looking to change things up a bit. I tried many different things with no satisfaction. It felt like my soul was searching for a change. That first class was eye opening. People were doing crazy poses. I was not flexible at all. It was so hot in the room. I could not believe how much I was sweating. But something happened. Something clicked. I went back. Kept going back. And in my persistence I found the true secret of yoga- It is about connecting you to yourself. I was blown away.

Soon I was assisting and I met the love of my life. My soulmate. My Best Friend. Donna. Pure magic.We left our old lives of unhappiness and made a commitment to one another and to yoga. Soon we were both going to teacher trainings and learning to heal the past and live from our hearts. We vowed to one another to live honestly at all times. No matter what. We vowed to share our experiences with the world. To let people know that we are all the same. We are all wanting love. We all have difficult times that we must go through. It is how you treat yourself during tough times that really matter. 

I love teaching yoga. Connecting with people. Sharing thoughts and ideas. Yoga has brought me so many gifts. Community. Friendship. Love. I really enjoy teaching stand up paddle board yoga and being on the water. I love all the incredible places that yoga has brought me. Wanderlust.New York. Mexico. Bali. There are so many inspiring people that I have had the pleasure of meeting.

One of my greatest joys that I have found through yoga is Kirtan music. Sharing the stories of the Hindu God's with music has connected me to my soul like nothing I have ever experienced. It has changed how I see the world. I know that God is inside me. Loving me. And I choose to share this with all who will listen.

We are all one. We are love. Team Love.

Peace Love OM,

Yoga Warrior